iOS App Development: Slower Shutter - A Long Exposure Calculator for Photographers


Personal Project

Released 07/09/2014
Update 6/7/2018
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Slower Shutter - a long exposure calculator for photographers is a personal project of mine that has now been featured twice in iTunes Photography for Professionals collections.

Slower Shutter is the long exposure calculator that is a must-have for any landscape photographer who is shooting with ND filters to slow down the movement in their photo.

Simply enter the shutter speed for an exposure without a ND filter and then select the strength of your ND filter. Slower Shutter will then calculate the shutter speed for the correct long exposure time for up to 16 stops of ND.

Slower Shutter is now available for iPhone X.

Slower Shutter is now available for iPhone X.

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Slower Shutter is my favorite app to figure out the shutter speed for my long exposure photos.
If you are into landscape photography or long exposures at all… THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!
Slower Shutter is an awesome new iOS app from my friend Mike Wong. He set out to create the simplest and most awesome long exposure photography calculator...I think he was successful.

SEO & Content Marketing

Work project

October 2015


Prior to my joining PicMonkey, the company was lacking a solid SEO and Content Marketing strategy. Within 45 days, the content strategy that I rolled out began to pay dividends by steadily getting additional keywords indexed and ranking for the company.

Result: Significant increase in the number of keywords indexed which in turn increased organic traffic. To get the same volume of traffic from paid search would have cost over $50,000 per month.

Number of keywords indexed

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Paid Search Lead Generation

Work Project

Throughout 2016


Driving leads through paid search requires a measured and diligent approach to monitor campaign performance against spend to ensure a positive ROI. In 2016, I set the strategy and managed an agency team of five marketers to increase the number of leads an average of 11% MoM.

Result: Consistent increase in leads which lead to higher revenue during the period.

Number of new leads acquired

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Localization & Conversion Rate Optimization

Work project

2016 - 2017


I was responsible for determining the international rollout strategy for the company's first non-English site content. Through a market sizing analysis, I set the priority for site localization and then oversaw the project management of the translation effort. Once launched, my team optimized the user experience to improve the conversion rate.

Result: Traffic increased dramatically to the localized site and through testing, we were able to increase the conversion rate as well.

Conversion Rate

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Organic Traffic & SEO
2013 - 2014


Organic traffic was declining due to Google  algorithm  update. I was asked to lead a cross-functional team of colleagues from Product, Engineering, Marketing & Content to turn things around.

Result: I was able to bring people together and work towards a common goal. Together, we were able to increase our organic traffic and ultimately, increase revenue for the company.

Year over Year Traffic

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Article Center for SEO
2013 - 2014


Recognized opportunity to drive NM traffic via written content. Developed and implemented LDC’s first Content Marketing strategy. Built out and lead the Content Marketing team.

Result: From 2013 to 2014, traffic increased 43x and CVR increased 150%.


Values shown above are for illustrative purposes only.

Enterprise Lead Generation


I was asked to manage the B2B enterprise lead generation at with the gaol of improving team structure, reporting and accountability. Additionally, it was imperative to re-establish trust between marketing and sales that the leads being sent over were qualified. I used data & analytics to move primary lead source to the Web instead of 3rd party lead providers by showing the long-term value of a lead by source.

Result: Marketing qualified leads (MQL) increased 48% YoY and exceeded quota by 156%

Long Term Value of a Lead

Values shown above are for illustrative purposes only.

Subscription Cancel Flow Improvement


Led the research and effort to redesign the subscription cancel flow.  Developed the wireframes and researched over a dozen subscription cancel flows to make recommendations on best practices.

Result: Reduced monthly cancellations by 4.3%

Photoshop 25th Anniversary Tribute Microsite

July 2015


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Adobe Photoshop, wanted to pay tribute to this industry icon that has been at the heart of the online learning platform's success. I was asked to lead an incredibly talented team to give the project traction and see it through from concept to launch. I worked closely with Scott Erickson, the visionary storyteller and video maker to refine and focus the story. We partnered with's Creative Director Paul Huber and agency 97th Floor to build the microsite. Melody Misiaszek served as our Executive Producer. Overall, there were more than three dozen internal stakeholders across content, production, engineering, creative, acquisition, engagement and product marketing. The microsite received over 2M unique visits in the first 30 days and was lauded by the Adobe CEO.

The microsite has since been removed from's site, but you can watch the videos here.


Code Drives the World

January 2015


Coding isn't just for engineers. Whatever it is you do, learning a little code can help you do it better. That was the concept I came up with to create a content marketing piece to promote the Developer education segment at Through a collaboration with five other stakeholders in the organization, we identified a number of coding courses that non-engineers would benefit from regardless of their place in a company.

View the full infographic on Slideshare.

Get a job. No seriously, it's time.

June 2014


We needed a campaign to speak to upcoming college graduates and decided to have decidedly fun and tongue-in-cheek approach. The incomparable Starshine Roshell created the copy for this piece. BK Hughes art directed the infographic and Scott Fegette provided the expertly selected content recommendations. Melody Misiaszek served as our Executive Producer.

View on Slideshare.


Ten Programming Languages to Know

December 2013 and January 2015


A content marketing play to drive awareness for the Developer content at, I partnered with nearly a dozen stakeholders across content, public relations, email, social media and acquisition marketing to launch this slide format content piece. Deftly copy written by Starshine Roshell, art directed by BK Hughes with content curated by Scott Fegette and Doug Winnie, this piece was featured on Mashable and has been viewed more than 120,000 times on Slideshare.

We repeated this campaign in 2015.